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We’re college best friends who could (and do) listen to Taylor Swift for hours on end, always say yes to spontaneity, and believe that people deserve to be celebrated. We're big dreamers and risk-takers, and we're really grateful to be doing what we love on a daily basis.

Our events are uniquely inspired by a desire to be storytellers of both people and change. To put it simply, our gatherings exist to acknowledge the worth that has been instilled in us all, regardless of what we look like or where we come from. Because we believe relationships leverage great opportunity to empower change, we are committed to bringing people together often.

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People often refer to me as “Haybo,” a nickname that was coined in high school and has stuck ever since, and I’m commonly known for my way-too-wide-open-mouthed laugh and over the top kind of energy. I live under a rock when it comes to pop culture, and in my free time, you’ll find me dabbling in modern calligraphy, color coding my closet, or listening to Disney music because I want to. 

I have an inherent passion to unite uncommon groups of people by gathering them in a common space. Over the years, I have spent a large chunk of my time in the trenches with vulnerable populations such as orphans and refugees, and I have mad respect for those in the non-profit world that fight for justice day in and day out. Hospitality is at the core of everything I do, and I desire for every aspect of my life to be characterized by an open door, inviting others to come in, kick off their shoes, and stay a while.

Here's some fun facts: I hate coffee, but all of my friends are convinced I will one day fall in love with it (although I'm confident that won't be happening soon), ice cream and donuts are my favorite foods, and people consistently tell me that I am "the chillest person they know" - probably why Haylee and I balance each other out well. My new favorite hobby is drinking an iced chai tea latte on the local trolley while listening to a podcast or talking with strangers.

I am extremely creative and big-picture focused, which makes breathing life into an event's overarching vision my favorite part of the planning process. I prioritize seeking to understand the experiences and perspectives of those around me, and that is why my heart beats for engaging in the work of storytelling and facilitating of change in the non-profit realm.

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