The Worthy Co: Launch Party


You might have seen the new ceramic candles and handmade tassel necklaces that are taking Fort Worth by storm. These products have been sold at a countless number of pop-up markets all over DFW, and their brand is one that buyers have fallen in love with. What’s it all about, though? Why would a budding company choose to enter a market that is already populated by millions of different brands, scents, and styles? Contrary to what one would think, The Worthy Co did so out of a need: not one felt by the consumer, but rather the manufacturer. 

Survivors of sex trafficking consistently face the same, insurmountable barrier on their journey toward restoration. Getting a job is nearly impossible for these victims due to their record. Without a job, survivors do not have consistent income, which results in extremely challenging circumstances and ultimately, poor quality of life. Due to systemic failures, secure employment is far-fetched for a majority of survivors attempting to escape the cycle of abuse and addiction in which they are caught. After being hindered by this road block time and time again, the people of The Net chose to do something instead of be paralyzed by the way things have always been. That something’s name is The Worthy Co, and it exists to provide safe and secure employment to survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and exploitation. 


Featuring an epic neon sign, funky furniture vignettes, a preview of Fort Worth’s first Candle Studio, and more, The Worthy Co threw a launch party to celebrate its success thus far as well as to announce big plans on the horizon. Guests were invited to a night designed to entertain and inform Fort Worth community members about the story behind their products, and the evening accomplished that and so much more. As attendees arrived at BRIK, they were greeted by passed appetizers such as burrata cheese toast and mini chicken tamales, invited to take pictures with their friends, offered a French 75, the night’s signature cocktail, and encouraged to peruse the space. 

Of course decor is an integral part of any event, but the launch party’s was especially important, as it was designed with a very specific vision - The Worthy Co is opening a brick and mortar space next year, and the venue was transformed to give guests a sneak peek of what the retail space will look like on opening day. In addition to a retail and production space, this building will also house The Candle Studio — a studio for shoppers to come make their own candles! The vignettes served as a major tease for what’s coming, making the grand opening of the brick and mortar highly anticipated.

The highlights of the evening were speeches given by The Net’s founder, Melissa Ice, and keynote speaker, Salah Boukadoum, which both emphasized the importance of impact businesses and the heart behind The Worthy Co. An impact business, also known as a social enterprise, is one that uses its money and influence to tackle existing social problems in its own community. As these businesses flourish, their surrounding communities begin to flourish as well. Because of this, as The Worthy Co continues to gain favor and support in Fort Worth, survivors of trafficking, abuse, and addiction will begin to experience healing and restoration. 

The hands behind these candles and necklaces are being reminded of their inherent dignity and worth with every drop of wax poured and bead strung, and that truth calls for a major celebration. We are thankful to have gotten to be a part of piecing that celebration together, and we can’t wait to see how this company will play an integral role in our city being restored piece by piece. 

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