The Net FW: She Is Worthy


As we have waded deeper into the waters of planning events for local non-profits who are serving pockets of our community in a variety of ways, we find ourselves in awe of the stories of empowerment and change we hear. Last week’s event for The Net was no exception - The Influencer Lunch gathered women around a table in order to inform and encourage them to be a part of everything that’s to come for Worthy Co, The Net’s new social enterprise that employs survivors of trafficking and prostitution. Born out of a felt need of survivors needing a safe place of employment that provides both fair wages and skill-based training, The Worthy Co meets both of those needs by teaching employees how to hand pour candles and manufacture necklaces from scratch, while simultaneously cultivating a safe, relationally rich work environment. With each candle and necklace that is finished and placed on the shelves to be sold, The Worthy Co’s main priority is to restore dignity to its employees one product at a time. In addition to the unique candles and necklaces, The Worthy Co also sells shirts and tote bags that generate proceeds to benefit local survivors. 

As women from all corners of Fort Worth trickled in to Joe T Garcia’s, the afternoon’s festivities commenced. Guests were ushered in to take pictures, shop the handmade products, and meet the crew behind the scenes of this inspiring endeavor. As lunch was served, guests took their seats and heard about Worthy Co from two people who have been integrally involved in its success. 

First, The Net’s founder and CEO, Melissa Ice, spoke about the culture of sex trafficking as it exists in Fort Worth, dismantling the misconception that women willingly submit themselves to prostitution. As Melissa continued to explain the traumatic experience of being trafficked and the long road to recovery that ensues as a result, she invited one of Worthy Co’s cherished employees to the stage to share her story. As Worthy Co’s chief candle maker spoke about where she’s been - misused, abused, and forgotten - her voice remained steady as it carried throughout the space with a strong sense of hope. It was obvious that this hope has been deeply instilled in her by the women of Worthy Co who have invested in her, reminding her day in and day out that she is worthy. Every day as she shows up to work, she is told that she is worthy of healing, authentic relationships, a meaningful job, a safe workplace, words of affirmation and most of all, she is worthy of a loyal love. 


Although the room was flawlessly decorated, logistics ran smoothly, and the food was delicious, Worthy Co’s story was the only thing that needed to be shared in order for this event to be considered a success. After the presentation concluded, there was no room to question how something seemingly mundane is transforming the lives of those in our very own city. Through hand poured candles and uniquely crafted necklaces, the dignity of survivors of trafficking and prostitution is being restored piece by piece. If you want to shop to support this endeavor or learn more about the vision behind The Worthy Co, head on over to!

A BIG THANK YOU to the following vendors for helping make this event a success!

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