HOPE Farm: Purdue Special

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One of the best parts about doing what we do is the vast variety of events we get to plan and attend! The last event we planned called for evening attire and a three course meal, but the Purdue Special took on a whole different vibe — at this event, workout garb and sweaty guests were the move, and we didn’t complain for a second. This year’s Purdue Special marked the third annual outdoor CrossFit workout around Highland Park, where participants teamed up with friends and family to conquer a nearly impossible compilation of CrossFit challenges. As the brave participants stumbled across the finish line, they were greeted by live music, local food vendors, yard games, and more! This event was the perfect way to celebrate HOPE Farm’s mission and success in investing in at-risk boys in the Fort Worth community. 

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If you don’t actually believe that people were falling across the finish line and lying flat on the grass for a whiiiile until they could move again, this might help convince you that that is no exaggeration. The “Purdue Special” workout was as follows:

800m run with a sandbag
100 Pull Ups
100 Power Cleans
100 Shoulder to Overhead
100 Cal Row
100 “Special Surprise”
100 Kettle Ball Swings
100 Burpees
Partner carry to the Finish Line

Granted, this was split up among a team of people, but the workout still took it’s toll on all who rose to the challenge. However, the celebration beyond the finish line was equal in magnitude! Guests stayed throughout the entire morning and into the afternoon, enjoying good food, good drinks, and good company. Tables and chairs covered the span of three front yards, and the smell of La Botana’s tacos that were made on the spot tempted guests to keep coming back for more. Gather Kitchen served three different kinds of pre-made, healthy, delicious bowls, and there was a whole spread for any snack a kids could ever want. After guests filled their plates, most also stopped by the bar to grab a mimosa, beer, or wine to enjoy while listening to the live, Texas Country music coming from the porch. Kids and adults alike enjoyed playing life size Jenga and other games in a yard that was decorated with fun, bright colored banners and balloons.

While the event was designed to be extremely relaxed and lighthearted in nature, sharing Hope Farm’s story and engaging others in the cause of this noteworthy organization was still number one on the priority list. This was accomplished through two short speeches delivered throughout the day by both volunteers and staff members as well as by getting to talk to a boy who attended Hope Farm’s program for many years. While talking to him about his experience at Hope Farm, Thurman’s face lit up with nothing but positive things to say about the impact that the men of Hope Farm have had on who he is and who he is becoming. Even after graduating high school and being away at college, these influential relationships endured and continue to serve him well. Hope Farm acted as a source of great stability to Thurman throughout his childhood as he moved around to many different places and schools. Being anchored somewhere characterized by rich relationships, steadfast commitment, and sacrificial love created opportunities for Thurman to thrive, and he definitely isn’t the only one who has been transformed by the people and purpose of this organization.

As Hope Farm continues to serve by guiding at-risk boys to become Christ-centered men, their influence and reach is growing tremendously. The future plans of Hope Farm are exciting, with one of the main items on the agenda being the opening of a second location really soon! This organization is filled with great promise, and it deserves way more balloons and accolades than the Purdue Special could ever give. 

Click HERE to learn more about Hope Farm and how you can get involved! 

A BIG thanks to all of our vendors for making the Purdue Special the most fun!

Food: Gather Kitchen & La Botana Taco Truck

CrossFit Gym: Crossfit KT

Live Music: Creede Williams

Hosts: Ryan Smith and Alan Ives

Tables & Chairs: ELY Party Rentals

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