Dallas Cowboys Kickoff Luncheon


This week was BIG. We had lunch with Jerry Jones, Dak Prescott, and Jason Garrett. Well, kinda. We’re still in a tad bit of shock that we got to play a role in an event for the Dallas Cowboys, but the scale of the event isn’t even what excited us the most about this incredible opportunity. Our favorite part? Every single dollar spent on table sponsorships, ticket sales, and silent auction items directly benefitted Happy Hill Farm, a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for underprivileged children to reach their God-given potential. Happy Hill Farm got a fat check for THOUSANDS of dollars as a result of the Dallas Cowboys Kickoff Luncheon, and every bit of it will be funneled into empowering children’s futures beyond high school. 

Let’s talk event specifics really quickly before we get to the good stuff. Over 2,000 guests poured into AT&T Stadium, and the luncheon took place on the Cowboys’ home turf. Seats were occupied by employees of Ford Motor Company as well as 11 year old boys starstruck by their professional athlete heroes whom they’ve only ever seen on TV. As the Cowboys showed up to be introduced and take their seats at the head table, they autographed jerseys and footballs and cards for their fans, and the media snagged some interviews from star players such as Jaylon Smith. The atmosphere was teeming with energy, and a spirit of celebration filled every corner of the stadium. 

On the field, the decor was the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance, characterized by the Cowboys’ tried and true colors, blue and silver. Guests were served a three course meal (go ahead, let your mouth water over that dessert), and they enjoyed their lunches while listening to award presentations, speeches about the upcoming season, and success stories of the kids whom Happy Hill Farm serves. 

Speaking of, here’s the really good stuff: a success story from the farm was hands down the highlight of the luncheon. An Ethiopian boy absent of a father figure moved to Texas at a young age, couldn’t speak English, and was extremely behind in school. Upon newly arriving to the states, he found Happy Hill, and through powerful relationships with teachers, individualized attention, and a safe, enriching environment, he was transformed into a highly successful student. Not only did he attend college and obtain a Bachelor’s degree, but he is also starting graduate school this semester in hopes to become an occupational therapist. These academic accomplishments are undoubtedly deserving of many accolades, but his simultaneous personal development can’t go unnoticed. His experience at Happy Hill Farm facilitated arguably even more personal and spiritual transformation than it did academic success, and instead of a shy boy lacking in self-esteem, he now beams with maturity and a humble confidence that inspires those around him.

We loved every second of helping with sponsorships and donations, setup, and media and production, and throughout the whole process, we were inspired by the ways in which Happy Hill Farm is deeply committed to helping the children in their care experience holistic growth. Here’s a chance to learn more about this amazing organization, and why the Dallas Cowboys are proud to sponsor this life-changing work.

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