Arise Africa: Crawfish Boil

Balloons, bright colors, live music, string lights — our favorite kind of day!

This spring we got the opportunity to partner with Arise Africa to plan a crawfish boil on steroids in efforts to raise awareness of Arise Africa’s work in the Fort Worth community. 809 at Vickery’s patio was full of yard games, Gypsy Scoops’ ice cream cart, authentic Zambian goods, buckets of fresh crawfish, corn, and potatoes, and a crowd that made it impossible not to have a top notch afternoon. In addition to ticket and drink sales, the event featured both a silent auction and raffle, with items up for grabs such as a vintage bamboo Zambian bike and Clayton Kershaw autographed jerseys and baseballs. As guests entered the gate, they were ushered into a backyard party atmosphere and handed an invitation to kick back, grab a drink, and learn about how Arise Africa is in the business of transforming lives overseas. 

After experiencing all of the outdoor buzz, a featured vignette inside the venue opened the door to a slower pace. The main event of the afternoon was an opportunity to walk through a recreated Zambian village, giving guests a genuine taste of a day in the life of the children whom Arise serves. The indoor village was made up of a realistic Zambian hut with a disheveled mattress on the floor accompanied by a single pot to be used for cooking meals for an entire family. As the living conditions powerfully conveyed the levels of poverty Zambian families live in, actual footage from Zambia was projected on the wall behind the hut to connect the scene to real names and stories. Immediately following a glimpse into life in Zambia, guests were presented with an opportunity to financially and relationally sponsor a child living in those exact conditions. Experiencing a taste of Zambia both informed attendees about Arise’s mission as well as empowered them to take part in the work despite being thousands of miles of away.

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Arise Africa is a rapidly growing organization committed to helping individuals live a life that God desires for all mankind by assisting with spiritual, economic, and physical poverty. They successfully accomplish this mission through three primary avenues: child sponsorships, Arise Homes, and their feeding program. The majority of Arise's staff works on the ground in Zambia, tirelessly serving to meet the pressing needs of the children whom have been entrusted to this organization. Arise Africa's work over the last 7 years has saved lives by feeding the malnourished, providing medical care for the sick, and reviving hope in desperate circumstances through powerful relationships.

At the end of the evening, Brooke and I got to celebrate a huge success of a day with the Arise staff. The crawfish boil encompassed both a lot of lighthearted fun as well as drew attention to the work that is and will continue to be done on the ground in Lusaka, Zambia. If you want to learn more or be a part of the work they're doing, check them out here

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