Ello Events: Est. 2018


A majority of seniors in college spend their time filling out job applications, scheduling interviews, ignoring school assignments (GPAs can’t change that late in the game, right?), and taking advantage of every opportunity to be with their friends. While some of the above experiences characterized mine and Brooke’s senior year at TCU, filling out job applications and interviewing with potential employers were definitely not on the agenda. Instead, when it came time to figure out our next steps after walking the stage, we began to revisit a half-hearted dream that had been mentioned a few times since the beginning of our friendship:

“What if we worked together one day?”
“Don’t you think we would make pretty good business partners?"

As graduation day crept closer and closer, we started to take this idea more seriously. Movie nights and coffee dates morphed into “talking business” on our living room couch or over lattes, and as we met and dreamt and learned and planned, a half-hearted dream gradually began to take form. Throughout this process, our passions for creativity and hospitality collided with a felt need in our community, resulting in us putting the pieces in place for what is now Ello Events - an event planning company dedicated to meeting the needs of local non-profits. Everything became real as soon as we pulled the trigger on filing for company licensure, and we haven’t looked back since. 

Now that Ello has become a reality for us, we can’t wait for it to become a reality for our community. From the beginning, we have been fueled by a desire to build events that do far more than catch the eye with perfect place settings and floral arrangements. As this pipe dream continued to come to life, we couldn’t help but notice that organizations’ stories are often not captured and told in a way that adequately showcases their mission as well as the change that takes place in the lives of the people whom they serve. These real stories of real people are the heartbeat of non-traditional schedules, long days, and emotionally taxing jobs, but unfortunately, these narratives are rarely ever told outside of office walls. Throughout the planning process for each event we book, we have pledged to dig deep into the archives, uncover stories that the community needs to hear, and give them the spotlight they deserve.

Overall, we believe that events should be a place of meaningful engagement among people, robust with opportunities for others to be informed, inspired, and changed as each party unfolds. Because local non-profits are experts in the realms of both inspiration and change, Ello desires to partner alongside organizations to help deepen their impacts for good. Whether the chief aim of an event be to increase an organization’s awareness, incoming donations, volunteer base, or anything of the like, our company that began on a living room couch will take care of everything behind the scenes to make it happen. 

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